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Gifts for those with December Birthdays
Gifts for those with December Birthdays

A birthday in December is like mac n cheese at a Vegas buffet: it gets passed over because you've got a full plate. Please forgive us if this is a wack example; maybe mac n cheese would be your Must Have Buffet Item. Are you saying that because you're a December birthday? Hey, it's not your fault. It's your parents'! (But seriously, they should have thought this through). The point is that mac n cheese is 100% delicious and loved by all, just like this unfortunate friend born in December. Celebrate them! Here are some ideas on how to do so without breaking the bank.

A guaranteed unique gift.

This pal might be unfortunately accustomed to receiving generic gifts: candles, socks, left-over wine from your holiday work party. Make them feel special with a phone case featuring their dog, favorite succulent, or a photo of your friend group from when you used to be able to stand close together!

Safe scrolling and selfie support.

Let's say you have no idea what phone this friend has. Prop Tart will work for that! Let's say you just want to spend about like ten dollars. Prop Tart will work for that! (It's $9.99) Let's say your friend has tiny hands and a big phone and they need to scroll all their impersonal Facebook bday messages. Prop Tart will work for that!

The perfect minimalist phone protector.

Look, this December-born friend might feel as though nothing matters, because they've never experienced feeling truly special on their birthday. And they might carry this nonchalance to their phone, leaving it case-less because who cares? Show that you do (care about their phone) with a stylish case that's lightweight (and shhh only $14.99).

Ditch the wallet, add a tv stand.

So this friend is either a Sagittarius or a Capricorn. If they're the latter, they're adventurous; they can't be tied down to a wallet anymore! Get em the Wallet Slayer ($24.99)! If they're the former, they're very practical, which means they surely will appreciate this cool, functional gift! And they'll think of you every time they slide that card into kickstand position.

This friend will not be expecting a useful, thoughtful gift from you. They might even have become accustomed to not expecting a phone call. Okay, okay, it's not like people with December birthdays have it soooo bad. They just... get a lot of candles and socks. Gift 'em Smartish! (and don't break the bank before the holidays!)