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Gifts for the fitness fanatic
Gripzilla - their new workout buddy

Okay, so they might have transitioned from gym rat to mat-and-dumbbells-in-living-room rat, but nothing's stopping this friend from gettin' abs. Spend the same amount of money you would on a nice* bottle of wine or a fancy tri-flavored popcorn tub, but don't derail those abs.

*by "nice" we're talking Trader Joe's nice, not steakhouse nice. You get it. We get you. We are you.

The grippy bada$$

Yes, the Gripzilla ($19.99) looks like it was made for Arnold Schwartzenegger's hand. And it was! But honestly, it also fits like a glove in a dainty hand- like, say, Bachelor host Chris Harrison's. Or your tiny, fit wife's. Truly, it feels really good to hold this thing. And what's even better is that if they're throwing it around at the gym or driveway in between tabata's, they can rest assured their phone is safe. So all they have to worry about is their aching quads.

The EZ screen protector.

Just like we know we should stretch after a workout, we know we should have a layer protecting our precious iPhone screen. It just seems so much more convenient to forget that & skip it. Keyword: SEEMS! Give the gift of a Tuff Sheet (for just $9.99) to your pal who's risking that inevitable cracked screen. They'll be delighted to see that it comes with an applicator that makes slapping it on their iPhone not only easy-peasy, but verrrrry satisfying. Oh, and it comes with 2 sheets, so a gift for this pal might just be a gift for you, too.

As unique as their BMI.

Here's an idea: take a post-workout selfie this person has posted, and pop it on a custom-print case on our website. Now they can include their abs in every mirror selfie without having to take off their shirt! Or you could design them a case that has a picture of their favorite cheat meal with some inspirational phrase on it. You know they love an inspirational phrase.

You can't buy them muscles, but you can be supportive of their healthy obsession in a useful, affordable way. We call it The Smartish Way. Just now. Just now we decided to start calling it "The Smartish Way."