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Welcome to Festivish Season

What is Festivish Season, you may ask?

It’s what we, at Smartish, lovingly call the period surrounding the launch of the newest rendition of the iPhone.

You may be gearing up for a new school year or counting the days until you feel that first hint of autumn, but we’re over here geeking out over the smallest changes to the rumored screen sizes, camera bumps, and button placement.

Party bunting

It's pretty much our favorite holiday.

And in true holiday fashion, we like to give it a theme. For iPhone 13 we gave you an apocalyptic survival guide. For the 12 it was extreme sports. Before that we recruited some superheroes to help you avoid the dreaded crack (while hopefully making you crack a smile or two.)

Past Festivish themes

So what’s all the hubbub?

In 2007 Apple bestowed the first iPhone ever onto the masses, and the world, as we knew it, would never be the same.

Pile of older phone models

Now, 15 years later, flocks of people still gather outside Apple stores all over the globe, lining up for hours to be among the first to experience the latest generation. Why? Think of all the small ways having a smartphone in every pocket has changed daily life:

Internet…everywhere - Gone are the days of debating with your buddies at the bar over how many teeth you all think a slug has. Just Google it. (The answer is 27,000, btw )

Search bar asking how many teeth a slug has.

It me - Passing a mirror? Pause for a selfie. Feeling fly in your thrifted threads? Selfie. Want to prove you were there? Take a selfie (or 42).

Two cats taking a selfie

Food on demand - Got a hankering for a meatball sub? Swipe. Tap. Boom. Get it delivered right to your door by some dude in a Subaru.

An iPhone dressed up like Guy Fieri serving food.

Life is #Instagrammable - Now we’re never left to wonder what that one friend might be eating for lunch. Phew.

An Instagram post of a phone lounging on the couch with snacks.

Podcasts & music on demand - Everyone’s serial killer knowledge:

Graph showing an increase over time.

An app for everything - Aside from helpful things like banking or tracking your sleep, if you want to mindlessly zip and unzip a pair of virtual jeans…there’s literally an app for that.  

A virtual hand touching fingertips with a real hand.

Live-ing it up - Where would we be without those live streams of 4th of July fireworks displays? Every. Year.  

An iPhone playing with fireworks

The dating game - Sliding into DMs, swiping left or right, and choosing the right selfies for your profile that convey just how awesome you are.

In iPhone named Ashley lounging in her bedroom.

One thing’s for sure - life with smartphones is never boring. And as leaders in pushing the boundaries of what these little pocket computers can do, Apple has captured our imaginations each year with the burning question, “What WILL they come up with next?!”

That’s why we do what we do.

Smartish exists to help you get the most out of that sweet iPhone life.

Stay tuned this Festivish and get amped up with us every step of the way.

P.S. If you’re still with us, here is a hint as to what our Festivish theme will be for 2022:

Doodle of a treasure map