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Best gifts for the klutz
Best gifts for the klutz in your life: Gripzilla

They're usually not the person you ask to set your table with the fancy glassware, nor do you trust them around any of your nana's urn. Clumsiness is a way of life for some, which can have tragic consequences for digital devices - go ahead, ask any of the estimated 50 million screens cracked by Americans every year. Lucky for the ham-fisted folks in your life, Smartish can make phone handling look less like Mr. Bean and more like Mr. Big.

Wear a mask (but for your phone).

Phones, like buttered toast, always seem to land on the most vulnerable side. That's why we developed the toughest (and easiest to apply) screen protector this side of the Mississippi. Well, we ship pretty much everywhere, so make that both sides. Complete with cleaning kit and installation frame, it's easy to slap on your phone. Yeah, even for them.

Gravity doesn't stand a chance.

Millions of thoughts go through one's head as a dropped phone careens to the ground - what have I done? Where do we come from? Can you really eat pizza bagels any time? To reduce existential crises like these, we created an unbelievably grippy phone case that clings to the hand like newborn monkey. And in the less likely event your phone meets the floor, this beast of a case has extra thick air pocket corners to neutralize that gravitational guffaw.

Simple straightforward Smartish.

It's hard to talk about this one without tooting our own horn, so *toot toot.* Thousands of 5-star reviews sing its praises, but the most interesting ones come from the clumsiest users. This sucker has clung to the roof of a car going 55mph, been flung onto the highway, and even shot at - surviving literally all encounters with nary a scratch. If the online army of clumsy case lovers give it the OK, we think it'll be great for the klutz in your life, too.

Cheaper than attaching new fingers.

The problem with being a butter fingers is right there in the name. We wanted to make a phone attachment that keeps a low profile and doesn't snag pockets, so we built this multi-purpose doohickey. Not only does it make gripping the phone easier and more secure for one-handed texting, but it doubles as a sturdy kickstand and sensational selfie grip. We can't help how the selfie looks, that's on you.

If you can't cover the entire world in bubble wrap, you can do the next best thing and get your friend some Smartish stuff. And then next is one of those huge inflatable balls for them to walk around in like a hamster, but those are a bit dodgy when trying to eat at a restaurant. Keep those phones safe from excess fumbles with tried-and-true Anti-Klutz™ technology.