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First things first... MagSafe is a creation birthed by Apple... no, not magnets themselves, just putting them in a phone.


To support this ingeniousness, we've created some magic of our own... by putting magnets inside our cases!


These cases will open doors to MagSafe chargers, wallets, docks, and other neat accessories. (We put a ring on it.)


Want more info? Check out this blog.



You need versatility... Pop a wallet on when you're on the go, snap your phone to a wall mount when you're cookin' something up, and click your phone into car mount when you're late for the function and can't afford to miss a turn.


Wait what's MagSafe?

Basically, Apple put magnets into iPhone's in a special array to then allow you to snap your phone into mounts or chargers. It also allows you to add or remove accessories like wallets and batteries much easier then switching out your whole case.

Is my phone MagSafe?

Probably.... if you have an iPhone 12 or newer you're in business. But your case ALSO has to be MagSafe because magnets can only go though so much material without loosing attractiveness.

Does my case have to be MagSafe? 

Yes, but not all MagSafe cases were created equal. A lot of other cases on the market cheap out on magnets. We put this at the top of our must-have check list. So you can bet your bottom dollar our MagSafe cases have a strong hold to all our MagSafe accessories.


Things click, nothing slips.
Reach new heights, leave the clutter behind.

Smartish Magsafe stuFF:

Side Hustle (Vegan Leather)

Side loading, so you don't have to remove it to cha-ching it.

Gripzilla (with Magsafe)

Beastly protection and strong magnets, never worry about a drop again.

GripMUNK (with Magsafe)

The white T-shirt of phone cases, with strong magnets included. Grippy but not sticky.

Charge Dinghy:

Charge it, MagSafe style. Your pink will thank you.


Misplaced phone? Couldn’t be you. Stick a Wall Mount right next to your bed, or in the kitchen, or on your office wall. Stuff piles up quickly, don't add your phone to the mix just click it into Mountaineer.

Charge Dinghy

Give that pink a rest, use this MagSafe charging puck. It's magnetic so it clicks on easily, and you can adjust the cable any way thats most convenient for you.

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Charge Dinghy

Side Hustle - Hard Shell

Side Hustle - Vegan Leather