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Ryan Runcie

Ryan Runcie’s work is a tenuously balanced play of color that pulls viewers in from afar before asking them to see with new eyes - cultivating a shift in perspective. It is meant to be a comforting engagement that blurs social lines and gives us permission to make mistakes while engaging strenuous and, often temperamental, questions with a lighthearted initiation.

Ryan Runcie is a bi-racial, first-generation American artist whose inspirations come from his study of our philosophic beliefs and experiences that ultimately change how we value others and ourselves. He has studied art passionately for nearly two decades and graduated from Texas State University with his Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2016. He has many private works across the United States and public murals in Texas. He has created work for The City of San Marcos, Capitol Metro, Capitol View Arts, Ebay, DCS Corporation, George Washingtion Carver Museum and Geneology Center, Penny Lane Bar, Blackshear Bridge Fine Arts Academy and more.

He is a studied color theorist and prolific artist. The study has helped him to constantly push his evocative artwork that uses color in a way that inspires viewer to think more universally. His portraits are inviting and expressive — dissolving the stigmas that skin tones initially register in our minds.

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