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Your iPhone's Not-So-Secret Love Affair with Magnets...
Ever get tired of fumbling with your phone and that pesky charging cable? Yeah, us too. That's where MagSafe swoops in, Apple's answer to tangled wires and misplaced chargers. But what exactly is this magnetic marvel, and is it just a fancy name for sticking your phone to the fridge?
Let's ditch the technobabble and get real. MagSafe is basically a built-in magnet party inside your iPhone 12 and later models (sorry, iPhone 11 and earlier, you're on the dance floor sidelines for this one). This magnet squad attracts special MagSafe accessories like chargers, wallets, and even car mounts with the same force as your grandma's fridge magnets hold up those vacation postcards (although hopefully with a touch more style).
Here's the magic:
  • Snap and Charge: Forget fiddling with cables. MagSafe chargers align perfectly with your iPhone, thanks to the built-in magnets. Just plop it on your phone, and voila! Wireless charging that's actually convenient (and it'll save your pinky a little strain when you're on the 8th hour of Candy Crush).
  • The Case of the Sticky Situation (Solved): MagSafe cases are not created equal, so you have to make sure your case is just as magnetic as your phone if you want to make sure those accessories work the way they were intended. Don't worry that's where we come in, we make sure to put extra-strength magnets in your cases so you stay highly attractive ;).
  • Mix and Match Mania: So many options! Some MagSafe accessories are chargers, while others are wallets or even car mounts that cling to your dash. The beauty is, you can pick and choose what magnetic matchmaker works best for you.
Now, is MagSafe a game-changer? Well, it's not exactly teleportation for your phone (although that would be pretty sweet). But it is a neat little upgrade that makes charging and accessorizing your iPhone a breeze. So, is it worth it? If you're rocking an iPhone 12 or later and you're tired of the tangled cable tango, and want a little more versatility then MagSafe might just be your new best magnetic friend.
XOXO, Smartish


Hustle with or with out a wallet, we've unlocked that option for you. Thanks to MagSafe you can be as versatile as you need to be.

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Charge it, MagSafe style. Your pink will thank you. This MagSafe charger will attach to the back of your case like a moth to a light, allowing your charging port to stay wide open so you can play Candy Crush and not crush your pinky.