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Top Questions

Something wonky with your iPhone 12 case?

Can I use wireless charging with Smartish iPhone cases?

Can I use MagSafe charging with Smartish iPhone 12 cases?

Seriously, why are Smartish cases less expensive than other brands?

Can I put my dog/cat/parakeet/logo/design on a case?

How can I contact support?


What is #SMARTISH?

Wait, what happened to Silk?

Got my Smartish case! Why is Silk on it?

Warranty / Exchanges / Returns

What is your warranty policy?

I ordered or received the wrong size case. What do I do?

My product is defective or damaged

What is your return policy for Smartish Merch?

What is your return policy for Smartish Apparel?

Compatibility Questions

Do the iPhone 7/8 cases fit the iPhone SE?

Will my cards demagnetize sitting so close to the phone?

Will storing cards this close to the phone prevent NFC functionality?

Do you have a case for the Pixel or Galaxy Note?

Do you have a case for my Galaxy S10 or S20?

Will this case fit my Galaxy S Series phone?

Press / Media / Reviewer

Can I receive a free product if I review it on Amazon?

Can I review your product on my blog, Youtube channel, etc.?

Can I rep the Smartish brand?

Who is considered a Smartish Socialite?

How can I become a Smartish Socialite?

What do I get when I become a Smartish Socialite?

How can I receive product discounts?

Order / Billing / Shipping Status

My package hasn't arrived?

I entered the wrong shipping address. What do I do?

Do you ship to my specific country?

What is your shipping policy?

Product Questions

My case doesn't seem to work with wireless charging. What's the deal, mate?

Can I buy Smartish cases in stores?

Can I fit more than 3 cards in a wallet case?

How do I apply a screen protector?

How do I disinfect my Smartish phone case?

Does this case protect my camera lenses? It looks exposed.

What is the Wallet Slayer Vol. 2 made of?

Are Smartish cases drop tested?

Why is the Cable Wrangler so great?

What is the front bezel thickness?

Do PopSockets work on Smartish cases?

If I only put one card in the Wallet Slayer Vol. 1 will it fall out?

If I only put one card in the Wallet Slayer Vol. 2 will it fall out?

Why doesn’t my case’s color look like I thought it would when I saw it online?


Do you offer a bulk discount?

Do you offer discounts for military, students, teachers, or first responders?

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