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Can I use wireless charging with Smartish iPhone cases?

Seriously, why are Smartish cases less expensive than other brands?

How can I receive product discounts?

Can I put my dog/cat/parakeet/logo/design on a case?

How can I contact support?


What is #SMARTISH?

Wait, what happened to Silk?

Got my Smartish case! Why is Silk on it?

Warranty / Exchanges / Returns

What is your warranty policy?

I ordered or received the wrong size case. What do I do?

My product is defective or damaged

Compatibility Questions

Does wireless charging work with Smartish cases for the Samsung Galaxy S10?

Will my cards demagnetize sitting so close to the phone?

Do the iPhone X cases fit the iPhone Xs?

Do the iPhone 7 cases fit the iPhone 8?

Do the iPhone 7 Plus cases fit the iPhone 8 Plus?

Will storing cards this close to the phone prevent NFC functionality?

Do you have a case for the Pixel or Galaxy Note?

Do you have a case for my Galaxy S10?

Will this case fit my Galaxy S Series phone?

Press / Media / Reviewer

Can I receive a free product if I review it on Amazon?

Can I review your product on my blog, Youtube channel, etc.?

Can I rep the Smartish brand?

Who is considered a Smartish Socialite?

How can I become a Smartish Socialite?

What do I get when I become a Smartish Socialite?

Order / Billing / Shipping Status

My package hasn't arrived?

I entered the wrong shipping address. What do I do?

Do you ship to my specific country?

What is your shipping policy?

Product Questions

Can I buy Smartish cases in stores?

Can I fit more than 3 cards in a wallet case?

How do I apply a screen protector?

How do I disinfect my Smartish phone case?

What is the Wallet Slayer Vol. 2 made of?

Are Smartish cases drop tested?

Why is the Cable Wrangler so great?

What is the front bezel thickness?

Do PopSockets work on Smartish cases?

If I only put one card in the Wallet Slayer Vol. 1 will it fall out?

If I only put one card in the Wallet Slayer Vol. 2 will it fall out?

Why doesn’t my case’s color look like I thought it would when I saw it online?


Do you offer a bulk discount?

Do you offer discounts for military, students, teachers, or first responders?

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