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Our Story

Smartish makes everyday life a little easier with phone cases and stuff just clever enough to solve unexpected needs. Based in Austin, Texas, our team is a jaunty, down-to-earth, and highly-caffeinated group of folks that, since 2009, have taken our products seriously, but ourselves...not so much.

*Smartish is the phone stuff company formerly known as Silk.


The Smartish Team

Smartish Core Values

Keep It Weird

We celebrate free spirits and self-expression. “Keep Austin Weird” is the motto of our beloved home city, and we take it to heart.

Mullet Mentality

By day we fanatically obsess over every design detail, by night we debate the town’s best tacos and craft beer. We live life like the most inventive hair style of all time.

Simply Badass Design

Just as mother nature intended, we know the best solutions are simple, which is why we dumb things down until they're smart...ish.

Get Gruntled

Good humor is best when shared. Which is why you'll find fun slathered across everything we touch.