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1. Get a Smartish case


2. Have a coffee


3. Watch a movie


4. Really, do whatever


5. It’s just #1. That’s it.

Smartish: Smartish is on the case! Wallet, Slim, Protective... We've Got You Covered!
You: Really? What's so great about your Smartish cases, anyway?
Smartish: For starters, our cases are mighty protective!
    • HIGH-GRIP TEXTURED SIDES - Fewer toilet drops!


    • ULTRA-LIGHT & DURABLE CONSTRUCTION - Thin and protected? It must have a life-coach


    • PROTECTIVE AIR-POCKET CORNERS - Think airbags for your iPhone


You: Yeah, but does anyone else think so?
Smartish: Check for yourself, we have over 25K 5-star reviews on Amazon. We've also been featured in:

You: But are your cases military grade?


Smartish: MREs (Meals Ready to Eat) are military grade. Have you ever had one? For real, “military grade” is a misnomer because cases aren’t a military product. When you see “military grade” phone case distinctions, they’re the company’s own (probably) flawed interpretation of military specifications. After a decade of business, you can trust our cases are, indeed, mighty protective.


You: So, basically, you make durable cases that are grippy, come in rad colors, withstand regular drops, have fantastic reviews, and can be printed with custom artwork?


Smartish: Yup. Oh, did we mention the Lifetime Warranty?


You: I think I need a Smartish Case...


Smartish: Good choice, friend