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For the friends who need a third arm
For the friends who need a third arm

You know this person - they're perpetually five (okay ten) minutes late, they've got a coffee in one hand and the contents of an entire purse in the other. You're stressed for them - and for their phone - which is 48% likely to already be cracked. They need a massage, or a nanny, or an extra hour in the day - but you just want to give em somethin' nice for around twenty bucks. We gotchu.

Crossbody wallet case that's chic and sleek!

Even IF they had and used a big purse, they'd still never be able to find their keys, and they'd be asking you to hold their phone ... and their wallet ... and their lipstick. Help them to look super put-together by gifting them with a Dancing Queen ($29.99) that holds their credit cards AND a lipstick (or pen, string cheese) - oh! and their phone! - while conveniently being strapped across their body with a fancy leather strap.

Slap it on and dance all night.

It's understandable that this friend or sister-in-law might have a phone case already. She knows that with her run and gun lifestyle, she needs it. This is a perfect accessory for that- and not just because it's only $19.99. It'll stick to her case and suddenly she'll have a wallet on her phone, and a strap for her shoulder, and you will be off the hook for not texting all summer.

Stick it to 'em (they'll thank you later).

Their glasses: on top of their head. Their keys: in their other hand. Their credit card: they left it in the thingy at the grocery store. They're a great buddy, but not the first you'd call to help you Marie Kondo your closet. Gift em a great-looking life-hack that'll only cost you fifteen dollars, will stick to whatever phone case they've already got, and will save them from searching every pocket every time they need to pull out their id.

More versatile than a futon-able chair.

Okay this might be a small package, buuuut so is cash. And the good thing for you is, it's not cash. It's a prop tart, and it only costs you $9.99. This lil guy can be worn like a ring so their phone is ON their hand, leaving their fingers to hold sunglasses, babies, large pretzels, what have you.

Give the gift that says "cool thing for your phone!" but conveniently also provides convenience. And with our color selections and quality, they'll be so impressed they'll probably spill on themselves (re: on brand).