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Introducing Cable Wrangler ... ready to wrangle your cables back where they belong. This magnetic organizer solves a simple problem most people don’t even know they have: their charging cables slumping off their desk or nightstand.

We don't mean to call anyone out here, but chances are you're within 3 feet of some messy of cables right now.

With the Cable Wrangler's powerful magnet, your cords snap easily in place and stay put until you need them again. Zero brain power needed... now that's smartish.

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Cable Wrangler: Keep your cables where they belongCable Wrangler: Keep your cables where they belong
Cable Wrangler
Holds cables on your nightstand
Or wherever cables need wrangling
Cable Wrangler
Compact & stable
Hefty grip that won't slip
Cable Wrangler
Works with all cables
Unattractive cable? Included magnet collars will boost its Tinder rating.

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