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iPhone X, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 Plus have all been out for a while now, and the early adopters among us have no doubt already ordered their new iPhone of choice. But we know that not everyone is ready to drop several Benjamins on Apple’s latest toys right away. For all the late-ish adopters, careful researchers, and holiday shoppers, we highly recommend CNET’s helpful guide, which even considers other options like the iPhone SE. Or, if you prefer our smartish opinions (we’re pretty opinionated), read on for our take.

iPhone X has two main new features: the edge-to-edge OLED screen, and the dual front-facing cameras with Face ID technology. What are these features worth to you? If you answered “at least $200” – congrats! You should get iPhone X. At $999, it’s $200 more than iPhone 8 Plus, and it’s the best iPhone ever. While some may gripe about getting used to Face ID or iPhone X’s signature “notch” at the top of the screen, these are probably the way of the future. Our view is it’s better to get used to these features early and be ahead of the curve (Apple’s not fond of changing their mind – they’re courageous that way). As a side benefit, iPhone X has a new distinctive look, so everyone will know you are one of the cool kids (and let’s be honest, part of you does care about that).

If you don’t need the best screen and aren’t excited by Face ID, we recommend iPhone 8 Plus. It’s $200 cheaper and has all other features of the iPhone X, plus the best battery life of the 2017 iPhones. However, those with smaller hands will find the Plus a bit too big. If that sounds like you, go with the iPhone 8. Simple, right?

As you mull all that over, make sure to browse our cases for the iPhone X and iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. Whatever you decide, we’ve got you covered.