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Thanks for sitting down with us, Flamingo Bingo. How're ya these days?
Bonjour. You know … single and ready to flamingle.

Noted. What’s it like being a featured design in the Smartish Design Studio (#sds)?
You MUST know — I was skeptical of how my design would jive with all its dazzling elements… but just LOOK at the pink flock I'm sporting! Chevron accents the flamingos perfectly. I'm a fan.

We're all fans, too. Talk to us about the #sds process. What was it like?
Glad you know we call it #sds. Have you ever done a residency in Las Vegas? Seen your name in lights? Had a standing ovation last more than 5 minutes? It’s that exhilarating, but better. Seeing myself in the mirror, I almost toppled over, which is unusual for a natural balancer. Good thing Silk cases have a Lifetime Warranty.

Truth. Thanks for chatting, Flamingo.
Anytime, darling. Have you seen Nautical Nonsense around? I've had a crush for a while — it's time to seas the day.

Here you go.
Off to flamingle!

Go get 'em!