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Silk Cases + Wireless Charging? You bet!

The iPhone 8 arrived last week, and the big question on people’s minds is wireless charging. Well, we’ve got answers.

Q: Can you wirelessly charge through Silk cases?
A: Yes! You can wirelessly charge your iPhone 8/8+/X *through* our cases.

Q: Can you wirelessly charge even through credit cards?
A: Yes! You can wirelessly charge through credit cards (except those fancy metal cards).

Q: Will wireless charging damage my credit credits?
A: Nope! We’ve tested the same set of credit cards with wireless charging for over a year, and the cards work just fine.

Don’t believe us? We don’t blame you. We almost didn’t believe it ourselves. That’s why we made a video testing each of our cases on five popular wireless charging pads. This is raw, unedited footage, folks – no editing tricks up our sleeves. Check it out below.

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