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Should you switch to a wallet phone case?

Do more by carrying less.

When most of us leave the house, we take three essential items with us – keys, a wallet, and a phone (you know, the things constantly check your pockets for without even thinking about it). But there is a way to combine two of those to streamline your daily life: a wallet phone case.

Now, it’d be a little much to claim that any phone case will change your life. But switching to a wallet case comes pretty dang close. Not only is it one less thing to forget on your way out the door, it also makes paying for stuff super fast and lightens your pockets (goodbye, Costanza wallet). That’s what we call a smartish idea.

If streamlining your get-out-the-door checklist sounds like a smartish idea, check out Silk cases for iPhone and Samsung phones. They’re functional, no-nonsense wallet cases, and very affordable to boot.

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Still have questions? We’ve got answers.

Are wallet cases bulky?

Not too bad. While a wallet case is a tad thicker than the average case, it still fits comfortably in a front pocket. And since you’re leaving your wallet behind, overall you’ll actually have way less weighing you down.

I lose stuff all the time! What if I lose my phone AND my cards?

That’s one way to look at it, but combining your wallet and phone actually gives you one less thing to keep track of. If you’re like us, your phone is constantly within reach (even though our yogi says we should “stay in the moment”), so it’s unlikely you’ll lose either your cards or phone with a wallet case.

But are they protective?

You betcha. Many wallet cases pack protective features like a raised screen bezel and air-pocket corners, which is more than enough protection for most users.

Ready to make the switch? We suggest the Q Card Case. It’s available for every iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy S phones for $24.99. We promise it’ll change your life…ish.

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