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Welcome to a new galaxy 🌌 The Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ come out tomorrow, and we've got a new Q Card Case to keep your device protected. Order now for fast, free shipping (your shiny new phone will thank you).

This is our best Q Card Case yet, and reflects everything we've learned making cases for the past nine years (yeah, we feel old). That means:

  • Carries 3 cards + cash - for the 3 people who still carry cash
  • Grippy sides - Goodbye toilet drops
  • Credit Card Kickstand - Use a card to prop up your phone. Netflix and chill?
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Carry 3 Cards Plus Cash

For the 3 people that still carry cash đŸ’”

Q Card Case - Carry 3 Cards Plus Cash

Ultra-Light & Durable Construction

Thin and protected? It must have a life-coach.

Air Pocket Corners

Think airbags for your phone

Q Card Case - Light & Durable Construction - Air Pocket Corners

Lay Flat Screen Guard

Finally, a case that's into planking

High Grip Textured Sides

Fewer toilet drops! đŸšœ

Q Card Case - Lay Flat Screen Guard - High Grip Textured Sides

It Has A Kickstand

Prop up the phone with any card. Netflix & chill?

Q Card Case - Credit Card Kickstand