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In our Smartish Neighbors series, we highlight the hardworking, creative small businesses that keep Austin smartish. This week we hang out with the cactus cathedral that is Succulent Native.

Succulent Native got their start with the whimsical Flowers on the Fly cart, which still delights Austinites and visitors with adorable plant arrangements in three mobile locations (the Drag, South Congress, and 6th Street). Now this homegrown small business has blossomed – OK, no more plant puns, sorry – has expanded into a new brick and mortar shop. The Succulent Native shop is a cozy East Austin space with an enormous variety of succulents, all paired with creative containers and arranged with artistic flair. The shop will even pot a cactus in any container you bring in, turning a favorite mug or keepsake box into a fresh decorative piece. (A smartish way to repurpose our old stuff? Yes please.) If you live in Austin or plan to visit soon, you owe it to yourself to stop by. It’s just a few blocks from the convention center, so all you conference-goers have no excuse.

Succulent Native also hosts tons of fun events, like their upcoming “A Very Cactus Xmas” planting party. Honestly, we can’t think of a more Austin way to celebrate the holidays than with cactuses (sorry, we refuse to say “cacti”). Speaking of the holidays, the shop also has gift boxes that are a unique alternative to just giving flowers ...and they don’t gouge you on the price like some florists do. They also stock a plethora of cute cactus shaped things that make perfect stocking stuffers. Santa, we hope you’re taking notes.

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