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In our Smartish Neighbors series, we highlight the hardworking, creative small businesses that keep Austin smartish. This week we discover the hip hospitality of Native Hostel.

If you’ve read our previous entries in the Smartish Neighbors series, you might be starting to think that Austin would be a great place to visit (you know, if the world-famous music scene and food culture weren’t enough for you). If so, you’ll need a place to stay while you’re in town. And you guessed it, we have a Smartish Neighbor that can take care of that for you. Enter, stage right: Native Hostel.

Native is a hostel, bar, restaurant, and venue all rolled into one, like a delicious 4-ingredient taco of fun. On the hostel side, Native has 4-bed and 6-bed rooms, and ample communal areas which emphasize “shared and direct experience in a growingly isolating world.” Yeah, this place has a high concept and high style to match. Add in the full bar and kitchen up front, and Native is truly a one-stop shop for everything the smartish traveler needs. We’ll see you at the after-afterparty.

Check out Native on Instagram @nativehostels and on Facebook, and at