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In our Smartish Neighbors series, we highlight the hardworking, creative small businesses that keep Austin smartish. This week we hang out with the gelato geniuses over at Gelateria Gemelli.

Have you ever been out at a bar and thought to yourself, “Gee, I wish there was somewhere I could get some amazing, locally-sourced, small-batch gelato right now. Also, I wish I could keep drinking while I eat said gelato”? We think that all the time. Probably because we are lucky enough to have Gelateria Gemelli in our Smartish Neighborhood.

The concept behind this gelateria (or “gelato place” to us Average Joes) is simple: serve up tasty gelato with clean, simple flavors alongside classic cocktails, amaro, and coffee. What’s not to love? Gemelli currently has 12 flavors, and they are oh-so-combinable. Dark chocolate and Vietnamese coffee? Yum. Toasted hazelnut and peanut butter? Delectable. Or you can try our personal fave: Earl Grey and lemon curd. Pair that with a negroni and you’ll simultaneously feel like Don Draper and the Queen of England. Yeah, it’s that good.

Check out Gemelli on Instagram @gelateriagemelli and on Facebook, and at