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In our Smartish Neighbors series, we highlight the hardworking, creative small businesses that keep Austin smartish. This time we’re hanging out with the plant based burger revelation that is Arlo’s.

What can we say about Arlo’s? Arlo’s is like your vegan friend who is never judgy, and invites you over for jaw-droppingly tasty veggie foods. Arlo’s does plant based food that understands the hedonistic delight of fatty, meaty dishes. In other words, Arlo’s makes some of the best burgers, tacos, and fries you can put in your gob, period. They just also happen to not contain animal products. Yeah, that's pretty smartish.

Our personal favorite is the Bac’n Cheeze Burger. Now we hear you saying: hey, neither bacon, nor cheese, nor burgers are traditionally vegan-friendly. Well you’re right – this is basically a burger on hard mode, but it still manages to pull off all three elements perfectly. Tack on a side of fries or crisp-yet-fluffy tater tots, and you’ll be in plant based heaven in no time.

Arlo’s routinely tops lists of best burgers and best vegan food in Austin and beyond, and also tours vegan food fests throughout the US and Canada. Of course, if you’re anywhere near Austin, your best bet is to stop reading this right now and go get some for yourself. With three food trucks operating from some of the coolest bars in town -- Cheer Up Charlie’s, the Grackle, and Spiderhouse -- that’s a great night out in the making (just make sure to bring your wallet case so you don’t hold up the line).

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